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After-School Literacy Program  

Welcome to Everybody is LITT Academy

"In order for our children to succeed, we have to make sure that the change that is owed to them begins in the classroom."

Enrichment Services

We are not just homework help. Through culturally responsive literacy, we reteach what is being taught in the classroom. Partnering with classroom teachers in order to help students gain grade level content.


Tutor Students

We provide cross content instruction meaning we offer tutoring in Reading, Math, Social Studies and Science. We curate personalized lessons for each student in order to build their confidence in the classroom. Our services are open to any student in grades PK-12. 

Train Parents

We believe that parents should be their child's biggest advocate. We provide one on one educational counseling with parents so they can support their child at home and in the classroom. This includes review of accommodations for students that are on Individualized Education Plans (IEPS), 504’s and Written Education Plans for gifted students.


Collaborate With Teachers

We provide professional development, create lesson plans and provide support for classroom teachers to make sure all student's needs are being met .

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